Mission Statement

Our goal is to work as a solid partner in the moving industry by endlessly providing quality service to our customers. We will accomplish this by extensive training of our technicians in all aspects of third party, as well as customer service. We are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction at all levels. This commitment establishes Reliable as the top provider in our area.


  • Using a local provider offers a personal touch to both you and your shipper. In town representation means we are visible, available and can be at your office in no time


  • Confirmations are sent on all orders.


  • Exception reports are prepared on all orders and forwarded with your invoice to reduce claims.


  • Invoices are sent within 24 hours of service to avoid supplemental billing to your clients.


  • Direct billing to your van line is possible.


  • Reliable has established partnerships with licensed contractors in our service area for items such as gas dryers requiring licensed plumbers.


  • Contact will be made with your shipper prior to services to confirm services and allow additional time for authorizations should additional services be requested.


  • Crews are available by cell phone in the field for last minute orders or to call in for additional authorization.