Services Offered


Washers, Dryers and Ice Makers. Whether it is changing a dryer cord, installing a front load washer stabilization kit, running an ice maker line, or installing new hoses, Reliable can do the job! Reliable has established partnerships with licensed contractors in our service area for items such as gas dryers that require a licensed plumber.

Reliable Third Party Services can assist with servicing appliances before or after a move.


Reliable Third Party Services has had a great deal of experience dressing and undressing, crating and installing chandeliers and light fixtures. Give us a call, we can shed some light on the subject.


Reliable Third Party Services has had a great deal of experience crating & preparing priceless clocks for transport. We take pride in our “timely” preparation of all internal mechanisms and weights to insure your clock gets to it’s destination safely and ready for setup. If you need someone to setup your clock in your new home and are in our service area, give us a call we can get it done in no time at all! Whether it is a Howard Miller grandfather clock, a grandmother clock or a mantel clock, we can service it. Our techs have spent time at a local clock school learning the “ticks” of the trade!

Key Benefits

  • Custom sized crates
  • Only the best padding & preparation


Reliable crates the typical items such as artwork, glass, marble as well as out-of-the ordinary items such as a motorcycle or taxidermy. Have an additional item that needs crating; Reliable’s team is always ready and able to complete a crating order on-site at your shipper’s home. Our trucks are always equipped with extra lumber and all the tools required to get the job done right, when you need it.


Do you have boxes and packing material all around after a move? Reliable can assist you in removing all that debris, and in most cases, all of that material is recycled. Please keep in mind that we can only recycle wood and paper products. We cannot remove household trash.


At Reliable, we will crate your most valuable works of art so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition, ready to hang in your new home or office.


Whether it is a “ready-to-assemble” piece or a German wardrobe unit, we have the know-how and tools needed to disassemble/reassemble these items. Our “Reliable” team is very versatile. If there is a service you require, just ask and we can accomplish whatever you need. Put your shippers in our Reliable hands!


We don’t “dribble” when it comes to your basketball hoop, we’re “on the ball” when it comes to your pool table, and we’re “in shape” for your exercise or weight equipment. Do you have a swing set in the back yard we can disassemble/reassemble it. Do you have missing hardware? We can research the item and do our best to locate and install new replacement hardware. In some cases, we may have the replacement hardware on-board!